Hideo Kojima Talks About The Development Of The PC Version Of Death Stranding

The legendary Director seems very happy with the PC port.

death stranding pc

It doesn’t get much weirder in the mainline gaming landscape than 2019’s Death Stranding. The game was the first from Hideo Kojima and his crew at the independent studio he formed after departing Konami. The game was mostly marketed as a big Sony exclusive for the PS4, but surprised many when it was revealed that it would also come to PC at a later date. This was just before Sony started being more lax with letting their first party titles come to PC, and it sounds like the developer put a lot of thought into it.

505 Games, the publisher of the PC port of the game, posted a small interview with Kojima himself focused on that version. Some of this is Kojima speaking about the game and its themes, but he does delve into the more technical side of things as well. He says that he’s proud of his studio for handling the port themselves, as opposed to outsourcing, which is a common practice in this situation. He also goes on to say they put a lot of time and effort into putting the extra bells and whistles on the PC version, knowing players there expected it. The team also struggled with the wide range of PC hardware to optimize for, but ultimately, it seemed to turn out alright. You can check out the full interview below.

Death Stranding is currently available for PlayStation 4 and PC. An Extended Edition with new story content has been rumored to release at some point, but as of now, that has yet to materialize.

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