Hitman 3 – Cloud Version For Switch Confirmed For January 20 Release

The streaming edition for Nintendo’s console will come day and date with other versions.

Hitman 3_02

IO Interactive is looking to close the book on Agent 47, at least for the time being, with Hitman 3. The game will round out the reboot trilogy, and looks to do so with a bit more storytelling in place. It’s coming out to more or less everything under the sun, and that includes the Switch via cloud streaming.

The cloud version of Hitman 3 was actually announced later last year alongside Remedy Entertainment’s Control – Cloud Version for the Switch, which is out now. It was unclear at that time if the plan was to release it at the same time as the other versions. Now, though, it’s been confirmed it will launch alongside them. This version will be similar to the Stadia version in the sense that you will need a decent internet connection, but if you do the game should be playable in full on Nintendo’s system.

Hitman 3 is now set to launch across all major platforms on January 20th.

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