Hitman 3: Freelancer Overview Video Details Syndicates, Showdowns, Safehouse, and More

hitman 3 freelancer

IO Interactive’s Hitman 3 is getting a brand-new game mode next year with Freelancer. The rogue-lite mode challenges players to take down a series of targets within a campaign, unlocking new items and tools along the way. A new overview trailer goes into more detail about the gameplay loop – check it out below.

Agent 47 starts in the Safehouse, which is pretty barren from the beginning. Nevertheless, it grows over time and serves as the center of operations for selecting targets, starting disguises, guns, and more. In a campaign, players must choose four Crime Syndicate leaders. Pick the Syndicate, identify the lower members in separate contract missions and take them down. This will lure out the leader for a Showdown.

The first Syndicate Showdown requires two contract missions. The second requires three, the third requires four, and the last Showdown requires five completed contract missions. After each Showdown, the difficulty rises.

Different Syndicate types reward different play styles. They have different challenges to complete that provide more payout. Completing these also unlocks more Freelancer tools. Failing a mission will cause you to lose half your currency and all the weapons brought with you. The campaign doesn’t fail, but territories will be alerted to your presence and on guard. Failing a Showdown fails the current campaign, and one must start again from the beginning.

Weapons and tools can be purchased from suppliers and discovered on missions. Guns with rarity can be returned to the Safehouse and placed on the gun rack for later use. Contract missions begin in random starting locations, which could be safe or deep in hostile territory. Several individuals are present – Couriers, who have currency for buying weapons and tools; Suppliers, who sell them; and Safes, which are worth a visit “if you can crack them.”

Completing contract missions also grants Mastery. This unlocks the upper levels of the Safehouse, new interiors, a wardrobe for starting disguises, a shooting range, and more. More Mastery also unlocks more customization items for the Safehouse, changing the inside and out in unique ways.

After the first mission, you receive a reward crate with three randomized items, which may help with the additional objectives. When it’s time for a Showdown, you’ll have an Intel Board that indicates the target’s Agenda, Tell, and Look. This will help in identifying them. Using the Suspect Camera, you’ll need to examine different suspects, compare them with the description, and tag them as suspects and non-suspects.

Assassins can also appear during a Showdown, hiding in plain sight and protecting the target. However, they may also be in other places, so it’s best to be cautious. Once the Showdown is complete, you’ll receive a reward crate that gives a randomized weapon or item. The chance for better items increases with more campaign progress. You also unlock Prestige Objectives for adding an extra layer of difficulty to missions for even more currency.

Hitman 3: Freelancer goes live on January 26th, 2023. Stay tuned for more details on its closed technical test shortly.

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