Hitman 3 June 2022 Roadmap Revealed

Hitman 3 - England

IO Interactive has revealed the June 2022 roadmap for Hitman 3. While there’s no key content release for Hitman 3 in June, there is quite a bit in terms of smaller content releases coming to the game.

As part of the free location rotation, Marrakesh is currently available in Hitman 3. Players who don’t own the first game will be able to play the level, originally released as the third episode of Hitman (2016), until June 12.

The new Elusive Target, live today, is the Serial Killer (Year 2 Edition). The target is a businessman visiting Whittleton Creek to potentially buy a house. The businessman is also secretly a serial killer known as The Censor. The Elusive Target will be active for 10 days.

The next Elusive Target, the Gunrunner (Year 2 Edition), will come to Marrakesh on June 10. Named Vito Đurić, the target is a charismatic arms dealer with a reputation for being able to acquire anything for anyone. The target will be live for 10 days starting from June 10.

June 16 brings three new Elusive Target Arcades, with the reward being the White Ruby Rude 300 Sniper Rifle. IO Interactive describes it as a “street smart” high precision sniper rifle decorated with an urban motif. The gun also includes a silencer and a high precision scope.

Bringing Hitman 3‘s June to a close will be community featured contracts on June 23 and June 30. June 23 will bring contracts themed “Heat Stroke”, and June 30 will bring the “Hot Scope” themed contracts. Both of the community featured contract drops are summer-themed.

Hitman 3‘s July will kick off with the Liability (Year 2 Edition) Elusive Target. Starting on July 1, players will have 10 days to take out the world’s laziest building inspector.

Hitman 3 is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia, and as a cloud-exclusive release on Nintendo Switch.

hitman 3 june 2022 roadmap

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