Hitman 3 – Patch 3.11 Adds New Deluxe Escalations, Unlockable Suit

Also fixes connectivity and stability issues.

Hitman 3

IO Interactive released a new patch for Hitman 3 on all platforms, which fixes its share of stability and connectivity issues. The real star of patch 3.11, however, is the new content it adds. Players can now unlock the Tactical Turtleneck by heading to the ICA Facility and finishing The Final Test.

Deluxe Edition owners also get new Deluxe Escalations with The Proloff Parable and The Gauchito Antiquity. The former takes place in the Carpathian Mountains and provides items like the White Custom Sieger 300 and White Katana. The latter takes place in Mendoza and offers items like the Emetic Grenade and Emetic Pen Syringe.

The last Deluxe Escalation will be released next month. As for the rest of February, a new Elusive Target will be available on February 26th till March 8th in Sapienza as players are tasked with hunting down The Deceivers. Stay tuned for more details on March’s content in the coming days.

Hitman 3 is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. Check out our review here.

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