Hitman 3 – Season of Greed Trailer Details Elusive Targets, Featured Targets and More

The Berlin Egg Hunt is currently ongoing and will end on April 12th.

Hitman 3 - Seven Deadly Sins

Hitman 3’s new paid DLC, Seven Deadly Sins, is live with Act 1: Greed. It ventures to Dubai for a new Escalation, “The Greed Enumeration,” while offering new rewards like Rapacious Suit, Greedy Little Coin and The Devil’s Coin. The Season of Greed has also gone live and in a new trailer, IO Interactive outlines all of the content that players can expect in April (and early May).

On April 9th is The Collector, an Elusive Target that infiltrates the manor in Dartmoor for some purpose. It’s Agent 47’s job to discover what that could be. On April 15th, new Featured Contracts in Dubai and Dartmoor will be provided by Two Angry Gamers. A new Elusive Target arrives on April 23rd – it’s The Politician and she’s in Hawke’s Bay. Utilizing a body double, it’s the player’s job to assassinate the correct target.

On April 29th is The Jinzhen Incident, an Escalation Contract which sees Agent 47 venturing to Chongqing Testing Facility to “wreak havoc.” On May 6th, Featured Contracts by Achievement Hunter will be available in Mendoza, Chongqing and Berlin. The Berlin Egg Hunt is also currently live and will end on April 12th as players must collect different eggs, follow the white rabbit and assassinate targets. Completing this will unlock the Raver Outfit.

Stay tuned for more details on future seasons and Seven Deadly Sins in the coming months.

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