Hollow Knight: Silksong’s GOG Page Has Received an Update

hollow knight silksong

Nearly three years ago, Team Cherry confirmed that Hollow Knight: Silksong, which had started life as an expansion for the original game, had morphed into a full-fledged sequel. And as a sequel to what is probably one of the greatest games ever made, it goes without saying that there’s no shortage of excitement surrounding its release. Updates on the game have been scant since then though, and Team Cherry itself has kept silent as well- a new development, however, might bring hope that there’s something on the horizon.

As spotted by a Reddit user, the GOG.com page for Hollow Knight: Silksong was recently updated- just a few hours ago, in fact. Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything- all too often, updates happen for reasons as simple as changing tags or fixing typos, but with The Game Awards coming up in a few hours’ time, one has to wonder whether an announcement is imminent.

Back in January of this year, Team Cherry said that Hollow Knight: Silksong was nearing the end of development and was in the final testing stages, but that a release date wouldn’t be announced until the development team was confident that the game was close to being ready for the same. Meanwhile, just a couple of months ago, a leak suggested that the game could launch in February 2022.

Whenever it launches, Hollow Knight: Silksong will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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