Hood: Outlaws and Legends Trailer Details the Ranger Class

Snipe from afar, tag enemies or go loud with flash bombs.

hood outlaws and legends

Among the many co-op titles coming this year, Sumo Digital’s Hood: Outlaws and Legends stands out. As a PvEvP game set in medieval times, the focus is on conducting a heist with three other players while another crew attempts to get there first. Different classes provide different options for play, like the Ranger.

Based on ol’ Robin Hood himself, the Ranger is a sniper and scout. His main purpose is to strike from afar and take down foes with his trust bow and arrow. While not the best at tanking hits, he can dodge to evade. For his crew, the Ranger is capable of deploying climbing ropes, tagging enemies, and even throwing flash bombs.

As you play the Ranger more, other customization options will be unlocked, allowing for further specialization. There are three other character classes in Hood: Outlaws and Legends, namely the Hunter, Brawler and Mystic. Stay tuned for more details on them en route to the game’s launch on May 10th for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

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