Horizon Forbidden West – 9 Things We Want To See, 6 Things We Don’t

Horizon Zero Dawn was an excellent game, and its achievements were made even more impressive by the fact that it was Guerrilla’s first crack at making an open world action RPG. With its sequel, building on Zero Dawn’s solid foundation, Guerrilla Games can deliver something truly special. With improvements made to the parts of the first game that were lacking and its own new ideas thrown into the mix, Forbidden West can end up being a proper juggernaut. Here, we’re going to go over our Horizon Forbidden West wishlist.


Horizon Forbidden West (4)

Horizon Zero Dawn’s combat was easily the game’s highlight, but by that same token, other alternative mechanics were… not that good. Stealth, for instance, was far too limited and restrictive, made even worse by AI that was passable at best and downright terrible at worst. In an ideal scenario, stealth in Forbidden West will be de-emphasized, but even if it’s not, it should at least be much better.

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