Horizon Forbidden West’s Slitherfang Gets New Information About Moves, Weaknesses, and More

Horizon Forbidden West_03

Guerilla Games’ Horizon Forbidden West is launching soon, and we’ve been getting a bunch of trailers and news that have revealed a slew of interesting details about the game of late. Recently, a new Game Informer article went up as well, and has revealed new details about one of the new machines being introduced in the game- the Slitherfang.

As previously showcased in the Game Awards trailer, the Slitherfang is a hybrid of a rattlesnake and a cobra that can spew venomous acid on Aloy. In addition to that, it has various other moves, such as a ground burrowing move, a dash, a lightning attack, and also a sonic pulse attack that comes from hidden nodes in its neck, which is capable of deafening Aloy and rendering her unable to attack for a short period.

Game director Mathijs de Jonge also said that the machine has even more attacks dangerous attacks and unpredictable patterns, and as such, the Slitherfang seems to be a formidable foe. It is weak to ice, fire, and plasma attacks, but it sounds like it’s going to be a tough foe to takedown. Players will constantly need to be on the move at all times, as the Slitherfang’s attacks changes depending on its health and the kind of tactics players use against it, which should make fights against the machine a lot more dynamic.

Horizon Forbidden West releases for PS5 and PS4 on February 18th, 2022.

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