Horizon: Forbidden West’s State of Play Was the Most Watched Broadcast for a Single Sony Game

Horizon: Forbidden West’s State of Play presentation attracted more than 2.3 million viewers, the most for a single PlayStation game.

horizon forbidden west

We finally got to see some gameplay footage from Horizon: Forbidden West yesterday, and as you’d expect, it looked pretty impressive. Unfortunately, however, we didn’t get any information about the game’s release date, though apparently development is “on track” and we’ll get an update on the game’s release date “very soon.”

Still, release date or no, the State of Play showing for Horizon was an obvious success. It turns out that it was even bigger than you might think, however. According to Benji-Sales, an independent market analyst, the Horizon: Forbidden West State of Play is the most watched State of Play presentation to be focused on a single game.

“There have been State of Plays higher than this, but those were ones that featured multiple games/showcases,” he tweeted. It makes sense, given how impressive Horizon looked. In addition to showing off the game’s impressive tech, the reveal highlighted some of Aloy’s new toys and the techniques she can employ, so it makes sense that 2.3 million people would want to watch it.

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