Horizon Zero Dawn Headlines PS Now’s December Titles

A variety of titles come this month to Sony’s streaming service.

horizon zero dawn

While several companies have entered into the streaming game as of late, specifically Google with their Stadia program and Microsoft with Xbox Cloud Gaming/xCloud, it can be easy to forget that Sony was one of the first with their PlayStation Now service. It is still going strong, too, and this month we’ve got a whole new batch to look forward to.

First up, the headlining title is no doubt Sony’s first party title, Horizon Zero Dawn. That is the Complete Edition, so the game’s expansion is also included. Alongside side that is a helping of action titles with Darksiders 3 and The Surge 2. For something a little more methodical, the survival game Stranded Deep is coming, and then we have some crazy indie with the incredibly tongue in cheek sidescroller Broforce and racing title Wreckfest: Drive Hard. Die Last. You can see more details at the official blog through here.

These games will be on PlayStation Now and playable on PS5, PS4 as well as capable PCs starting this month.

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