Horizon: Zero Dawn PS5 vs PS4 Pro – Frame Rate And Load Time Comparison

horizon zero dawn

Guerilla Games recently announced that the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West has officially been delayed to next year, but fans can enjoy Horizon: Zero Dawn on Sony’s next-gen hardware with some new improvements. Check out our video below to see a comparison between PS4 Pro and PS5’s framerates and load times.

The PS4 Pro’s favor performance mode aims for a 30 fps target, and does a great job at sticking to it. The PS5 – on the other hand – doubles the framerate while keeping all resolution and graphical settings intact. It’s possible to see a frame drop here and there, but the PS5 does a solid job at sticking to its target – which isn’t suprising considering the hardware’s horsepower.

Load times have similarly seen an improvement too – as the PS5 loaded into the game in just under 30 seconds while the PS4 Pro took a little more than a minute to do the same. Of course, the fact that the game is running in backwards compatibility mode on the PS5 doesn’t allow for the best usage of the SSD – but it remains a noticeable improvement nevertheless.

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