HYENAS is the Newest Game from Creative Assembly


Publisher Sega has announced the newest game developed by studio Creative Assembly—HYENAS. It is a competitive first-person shooter with a unique twist. Sign-ups for the game’s alpha test on PC are live right now. Check out the announcement trailer below.

In HYENAS, groups of players have to go scavenge for pop-culture artefacts from a ruined Earth. Several groups of players will be competing in for these artefacts in each game. Each group consists of up to 3 players.

As part of the game’s story, Earth has been lost, and the rich have colonised Mars. The rest of humanity is left living in The Taint—a gigantic orbiting slum. Billionaires from Mars feel nostalgic towards their time on Earth, and have acquired quite a few pop-culture artefacts for their personal collections. The HYENAS are attacking the billionaires to reclaim what they see as their right.

Players have to pick the right HYENA to suit their playstyle, as each of the titular characters have their own unique abilities and weapons. A key feature of HYENAS is the presence of zero-gravity combat. These zero-gravity zones will be peppered in throughout levels, allowing players to enter zero-g seamlessly

HYENAS doesn’t have a release date, but is set for release in 2023. It will be available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and Xbox One.

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