Icarus Launches on August 11


At last year’s PC Gaming Show, Dean Hall of Rocketwerkz – creator of DayZ – announced Icarus, a new free-to-play sci-fi co-op survival title. A launch window of 2021 was provided for the game back then, and now, at this year’s PC Gaming Show, a specific release date for the game has been officially confirmed. Icarus is out for PC on August 11.

Icarus will see players constantly heading out from their space station, which serves as a hub, to land on an alien planet, where you will build new structures, hunt animals, take on contracts, and all around make yourself stronger, which you can do either solo or co-op. The focus here is on shorter repeatable runs, and regular returns to the space station. A new gameplay trailer shows some of the game’s main features and mechanics in action. Check it out below.

Meanwhile, recently, it was also recently confirmed that when Icarus launches, it will support Global Illumination, so you can expect that visual bump as well. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more info.

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