Immortals Fenyx Rising Box Art Reveals PS4 To PS5 Upgrade Branding

The subtle logo shows you can upgrade from systems.

immortal fenyx rising

As a new generation of consoles comes upon us it means that we’ll be seeing a lot of crossgen games starting this November. Various companies have done various things about how to upgrade from the current gen to the next gen, with Ubisoft being one of the most straightforward that’s been allowing free upgrades to the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X from the PS4 and Xbox One. We’ve already seen how Microsoft plans to brand upgrades for their system, and now it seems we know how Sony plans to via Ubisoft’s upcoming Immortals Fenyx Rising.

The game is an open world adventure game with a stylish look steeped in Greek mythology, which you can read more about through here. But one notable thing is that Ubisoft revealed the box art for the PS4 version of the game which gave the PS5 Upgrade branding. You can see it below. It’s the PEGI version of the deluxe edition of the title that includes additional content. It’s rather understated, but gets the message across. Presumably, it will be the same across all regions.

We had already seen how the Xbox versions of titles would handle that, opting to not have separate boxes and instead have one disc for both SKUs and have that designated on the box. Sony and Microsoft have some subtle differences like that, it seems, but as long as you know what you need to it probably doesn’t matter all that much.

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