Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Clip Showcases Stealth Gameplay

indiana jones and the great circle

Microsoft offered another look at Indiana Jones and the Great Circle at its Xbox Games Showcase earlier this month, but though we got a new trailer an extended look at a cutscene, we got to see little of actual gameplay itself. Bethesda has, however, remedied that at least a tiny little bit by sharing a new gameplay clip.

Taking to Twitter, the company has shred a brief clip that’s seemingly set aboard the same old, frozen ship where the aforementioned cutscene took place. The focus here is on stealth, with Indy picking up a brick and throwing it to distract a guard, before sneaking up on another one and stealthily taking it out with a couple of swings of a hammer. Check it out below.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is due out sometime this year for Xbox Series X/S and PC, and will also be available via Game Pass upon release. A specific release date has yet to be announced, but as per leaks, the game will launch this December.

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