Jurassic World Evolution 2 Guide – How to Unlock Dinosaurs and Increase Asset Rating

jurassic world evolution 2

Jurassic World Evolution 2 has over 80 dinosaurs, each with their unique traits and needs. But how do you go about unlocking all of them, especially since Sandbox Mode’s selection is based on those unlocks? Playing through the Campaign is one method since they’ll be doled out in different stages (and some dinosaurs can only be unlocked by playing the Campaign). For other modes like Chaos Theory and Challenge though, a Science Center must be built along with an Expedition Center, Response Facility and Hatchery.

Research must be conducted with the Science Center to unlock different Dig Sites. More Expeditions will then open up – the available ones are denoted by the color Yellow while Blue denotes those which have already been undertaken. To conduct an Expedition, you’ll need to send out scientists and they must be adequately trained. Choose the Expedition, assign your Scientists and then select Start Task to get them going. You’ll either transport live dinosaurs to your park or have to extract their genomes from fossils found at the Dig Sites.

For the latter, select the Control Room, click the skull icon on the Fossils tab, and assign scientists to the various slots to extract the genomes. More scientists will cause the process to go faster. At 50 percent, you can use the Hatchery to create the dinosaurs in question. Once that’s done and they’re introduced into the park, they’ll be considered unlocked.

How to Increase Asset Rating

In order to increase your Asset Rating, you’ll first need to get dinosaurs from Expeditions and have as many in the park as possible. However, keeping their comfort in mind is key – if the Comfort stat goes down or dinosaurs end up injured, then the Asset Rating will drop. Research cures and take care of injuries wherever necessary. For more details on healing dinosaurs and ensuring they’re comfortable, head here.

For more details on Jurassic World Evolution 2, check out our review here. It’s currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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