Kerbal Space Program 2 Video Shows Features to Help New Players

Making Kerbal Space Program a little easier.

kerbal space program 2

Private Division, the publisher behind the upcoming Kerbal Space Program 2, has released a new developer video showing new features that are designed to make Kerbal Space Program 2 a bit easier to get into for beginners.

Developer Intercept Games has said that one of its highest priorities is making onboarding and approachability enhancements, including a new tutorial and various UI/UX improvements, so the title can be enjoyed by more players.

Kerbal Space Program is notorious for its learning curve. “Playing KSP1 sometimes feels like you’re trying to climb Mount Everest in your street clothes,” one developer says. “KSP2 sort of adds Sherpas and base camps. It’s still the same tall mountain, it’s still an insane challenge, but we’re least equipping you for success.”

Kerbal Space Program 2 was delayed until sometime in 2022 last November to focus on improving the game’s quality. You can watch the video detailing Kerbal Space Program 2’s improvements here:

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