King Of Fighters XV Gets World Premiere Trailer; More Info Coming Next Week

The game is set to come out in 2021.


It’s been quite a day for SNK. At one point it was scheduled that King of Fighters XV would be officially unveiled today after being confirmed in development back in 2019. That was then delayed for unspecified reasons to an undetermined date. Well, some screens leaked early, so SNK pulled the trigger to reveal the next game in the series as planned.

As you can see below, we got a video that began with the world premiere trailer for the fighter. It’s brief, more of a teaser really, but gives you an idea of what the game will look like. For those familiar with the previous game, itself getting an Ultimate Edition re-release this month, you can see that same base there though it is much more defined and sharp.

No platforms where mentioned, only that it’s planned for 2021, but in the past the series has stayed with PlayStation, so the odds are good this is probably a PS5 title or a PS4-PS5 crossgen title, at the very least. More information is promised for next week, alongside a new trailer, most likely an extended version of this. They also tease an animated short is being produced to promote the game from the Director of the ’90s Fatal Fury anime films. We should see a little more come next week.

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