Lake Releases on September 1st for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC


Xbox has been scoring big with indie releases recently with titles like Death’s Door, The Ascent and the upcoming Twelve Minutes. Add Whitehorn Games’ slice-of-life adventure Lake to the list as well. It releases on September 1st for Xbox Series X/S, PC and Xbox One while arriving for other platforms later.

Lake takes place in Providence Oaks, Oregon where protagonist Meredith Weiss is filling in for her father to deliver mail to the townsfolk. For the next two weeks, Meredith will interact with various people, including her best friend Kay, and maybe even find love (though it’s implied that other events are afoot). Eventually, she’ll have to decide whether to return to her software job in the city or stay in Providence Oaks.

Along with delivering the mail, players can also partake in a number of activities after work, whether it’s hanging out or helping the neighbors. The branching narrative promises no right or wrong answers, though it remains to be seen where things can go based on one’s choices. Stay tuned for more details on Lake in the coming weeks.

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