Lies of P’s Main Story is 30 Hours Long

lies of p

Neowiz’ Bloodborne-esque Soulslike action RPG Lies of P has generated plenty of excitement over the last few months, with the game looking highly promising in each of its substantial showings. From its combat and its setting to its art design and more, there’s plenty here that catches the eye- and it seems like it’s also going to be well-stocked in the content department for those who’re looking for a meaty experience.

Speaking in a recent interview with Prankster101, Lies of P director Choi Ji-Won revealed that the game’s main story will take roughly 30 hours to finish- though players who engage with the side content and thoroughly explore its optional offerings will get as much as 60 hours of gameplay.

“If you basically go through the game, it will take around 30 hours,” Ji-Won said. “But if you thoroughly check all of the contents that are hidden in the game, then it will be around 60 hours.”

Ji-Won went on to explain that players who’d rather go for a shorter and more contained experience can also approach Lies of P to suit their style of play, with each of its stages being roughly 10 hours long each and having unique features and characteristics.

“Each stage, if you really go through it, will take around 10 hours, and each stage has different characteristics and features,” Ji-Won said. “If you take it one stage at a time, as one game, then you’ll enjoy it step by step.”

Lies of P is set to launch sometime in 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and will also be available via Game Pass at launch. You can get more details on the game in our interview with its developers through here.

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