Life Is Strange 3 Details On Location, Powers, And More Potentially Leaked – Rumor

An allegedly leak pulls back the curtain on what to expect for the new game.

Next Life is Strange

Later this week we will get the unveiling of the next Life is Strange game. The anthology franchise has now seen two mainline entries and a spin-off that followed a cast of young characters who have superpowers unexpectedly thrust on them. We know that the new game will have a new main character, which has been teased above, and rumors have come out about the new cast of characters and story, as well as potentially being named Life is Strange: True Colors. Now more rumors are out there that potentially details a lot more.

On a post at the popular ResetERA gaming forums, a poster by the name of Meelow posted several new details about the game. He reinforces some of the previous leaks, such as the main character being a girl named Alex and having the ability to read minds. But they go into more details, saying that the location will be a Midwestern town similar to the setting of the first game, that Alex is a bisexual Asian American, will have two romance options and that part of her backstory will be coming from foster care. He also states something about controlling someone with Dementia to gain information, but it’s not entirely clear what is meant there or what the context would be for the situation.

As always with leaks, take things of this nature with a grain of salt, but this largely matches up with a lot of previous things we’ve heard and seems like it’d fit the tone the series has gone for in previous titles. The game is set to be unveiled on March 18th at the Square Enix Showcase. We’ll probably know how accurate this is then.

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