Little Nightmares 2 Shows off its Critical Praise With Accolades Trailer

The creepy puzzle platformer has received solid reviews from the majority of critics.

Little Nightmares 2_06

Bandai Namco have been basking in both critical and commercial success for the Tarsier Studios-developed horror puzzle platformer Little Nightmares 2. It was announced recently that the game has sold over 1 million units since its launch last month, and that has also been reflected in the praise it has received from both critics and audiences. To highlight some of that critical success, Bandai Namco have released an accolades trailer, which you can view below.

Our own review of Little Nightmares 2 was also full of praise for the creepy little game. Awarding it a score of 9/10 and praising everything from its story and its scares to the gameplay improvements and its visual design, we said, “Little Nightmares 2 makes every single moment count to craft a truly unsettling experience and to wordlessly deliver an expertly paced and impactful story.” You can read our full review through here.

Little Nightmares 2 is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions are also due out later this year, though an exact release date for those hasn’t yet been confirmed.

Bandai Namco recently confirmed that Tarsier Studios – now under the ownership of Embracer Group – would no longer develop Little Nightmares games, though the series still very much has a future ahead. Read more about that through here.

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