Lords Of The Fallen 2 Gets New Developer

Another shake up means we probably won’t see this one for awhile still.

Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen was one of the first Souls-like games that took the formula from FromSoftware’s popular Dark Souls franchise and tried to make it its own. The original title was developed by Deck13, who went on to develop The Surge, and a sequel with another developer was set. But Lords of the Fallen 2 seems to be plagued with issues, with its primary developer being dropped last year. But it seems the project still lives, at least on paper, with another fresh developer.

As detailed in a press release from publisher CI Games, Lords of the Fallen 2 now has a new developer, Hexworks. The studio is a new one, therefore making this their first game, and is composed of 25 staff members said to have experience in AAA game development.

Hopefully, this means that Lords of the Fallen 2 can finally get off the ground, but with a fresh developer like this it will probably be quite some time before we actually see the game. We know it’s in development for next generation consoles and PC, but I wouldn’t expect to hear anything substantial for at least a couple of years. 

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