Lost Judgment Leaks on PlayStation Store, Standard and Digital Deluxe Editions Revealed

Reportedly releasing on September 24th for Japan on PS4 and PS5.


Sega and Ryu ga Gotoku Studio launched a countdown site on April 23rd to tease something related to Judgment. However, it seems the next title had leaked early when Kenichiro Taka discovered Lost Judgment on the PlayStation Store. Though the tweet was since deleted, Wario 64 has shared the images.

Lost Judgment looks to be a sequel and will be releasing on September 24th for Japan on PS4 and PS5. There’s a Standard and Digital Deluxe Edition with the Start Dash Support Pack as a pre-order bonus. Those who purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition will also receive the Season Pass along with three days of early access.

With Judgment Remastered recently coming to Xbox Series X/S and Stadia as well as PS5, it’s unknown whether Lost Judgment could also release on those platforms (though it could also just be limited to PlayStation consoles in Japan). At this point, it’s unknown whether it even launches for the West this year. Regardless, stay tuned for more details especially with the teaser site’s countdown ending at 7 AM PT today.

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