Madden NFL 21 Guide – How to Farm Training Points, and Drafting Tips

Upgrade your MUT roster quickly and draft the best players in Franchise with these tips.

madden nfl 21

Like other Ultimate Team modes, Madden NFL 21’s MUT will require you to earn Training Points to improve your roster. Ranking players up means improved stats and better overall performance. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to earn Training Points.

The first and most obvious process is to play the game. Grind those daily activities (including MUT Challenges) and complete different challenges across varying modes. The returns aren’t huge but they’re still very solid and will help get you rolling. One such mode that’s worth visiting time and again is Superstar KO. In Superstar KO, it’s possible to earn a player card after completing a task. Quick-Selling that reward in the Item Binder can net you Training Points. Keep checking back for more rewards, especially since new ones are added on a regular basis.

Playing through MUT will garner a number of cards, some of them being duplicates. You can Quick-Sell these for Training Points and coins. You can also take these cards and attempt to flip them on the Auction House, which also has the potential to offer strong returns.

How to Draft the Best Team

Drafting is a fairly big selling point for Madden NFL fans but creating the best possible team can take some work. Check out the video guide below for some handy tips on scouting and drafting the best players.

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