Mario Golf: Super Rush Receives Day 1 Update Fixing Bugs and Adding Quality of Life Features

mario golf super rush

Nintendo has released a day 1 update for their star Italian plumber’s latest outing, Mario Golf: Super Rush. On installing the update, players will be bumping up the version of the game to 1.1.0. The game’s official page on Nintendo’s support website outlines all of the changes to Mario Golf: Super Rush with this update.

There are added features and bug fixes for the game’s online mode, and a new toggle for Rush Events. Challenges for Shots off Tee, Approaches, and Putting have also been added and motion controls have received some tweaks as well. Players who wish to play the game with online functionality are required to install the latest update. You can check out the full patch notes below.

Nintendo is known for delivering top-notch quality experiences at launch and seeing the Kyoto-based giant resorting to day 1 patches and updates is certainly fascinating. Mario Golf: Super Rush has received generally favorable reviews and is available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.


Battle Golf

  • Added “Enable/Disable” for Rush Events. Selecting “Enable” will cause Rush Events to occur at fixed times during play.

Golf Adventure (Adventure Mode)

  • Added Challenges for Shots off tee, Approaches, and Putting. The new challenges can be accepted from the Fire Bros in each area’s practice area.
  • Added lessons that teach spin use, and strategies for wind direction. The new challenges can be accepted from the Hammer Bros in each area’s practice area.
  • Adjusted several scenes encountered during the Golf Adventure mode of the game.

Motion Controls

  • “Practice Swing” now displays on the screen when trying out practice swings.
  • Adjusted the game balance around swing inputs.

Online and Local Wireless Play

  • Names of online opponents will now display.
  • Connection errors occurring mid-game will now display.

General Changes

  • Adjusted the display position of text and other information displayed during play.
  • Adjusted the results screen.
  • In addition, adjustments have been made to the game balance, and issues have been fixed to make the game experience more enjoyable.

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