Mario Strikers: Battle League Trailer Showcases Techniques, Skills, and More

Mario Strikers Battle League

There’s a sizeable contingent of people out there who’ll tell you that the Mario Strikers games are easily the best Mario sports titles out there, and the fan-favourite series will soon be coming back from a long hiatus with the upcoming Mario Strikers: Battle League. Ahead of its imminent launch, Nintendo has released a new trailer that goes in-depth into the many skills, techniques, strategies and what have you that you can employ during the game’s bonkers football matches.

There are basic moves like dashes, free passes, aimed shots, and goalkeeper-specific stuff, of course, but the biggest draw of Mario Strikers: Battle League, like its predecessor, is the crazy action moves you can pull off during matches, from crunching tackles to aggressive team-based combo moves. Quite a bit of it is shown off in the meaty video below, so be sure to check it out.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is launching with 10 playable characters, though Nintendo has confirmed that it will receive plenty of free content as post-launch DLC. According to recent leaks, that post-launch support will add another 10 characters to the game’s roster.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is out on June 10 for Nintendo Switch. A demo of the game is also currently available.

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