Marvel’s Avengers Adds Red Room Takeover Event, Champion System and XP Boosters

Hero’s Catalysts are currently free but the developer is looking at “other ways” to earn them.

Marvel's Avengers - Red Room Takeover Event

Despite the launch woes and low player counts, Marvel’s Avengers continues to receive support. The latest update, which is live on all platforms, introduces the Red Room Takeover Event. It sees HARM Rooms being hacked and they can scale from 1 to 120 Power. Completing minor missions will provide the new Surging Set gear if one’s character is above 80 Power.

For longer-term progression, the Champion System has been added. Max level characters can now receive Champion XP which goes towards unlocking new Champion Skills. These provide permanent boosts to one’s damage, Heroic charge rate, perk chance activation and so on. To help increase the amount of XP earned, Hero’s Catalysts have also been introduced.

While these can be “occasionally” received for free from the Marketplace, the developer is looking “at other ways for you to earn them, as well.” These Catalysts seem meant for leveling up characters that haven’t hit level 50, which is interesting given previous increases to the XP required for leveling. Whether these XP boosters will be sold for real money or not remains to be seen. For more details on the patch notes, head here.

Marvel’s Avengers V1.7.0 Patch Notes – Red Room Takeover Event

Reassemble Campaign and Avengers Initiative

  • Mega Hives will be reactivated on May 20.
  • The Heroic Mega Hive no longer erroneously resets.
  • Fixed a rare issue where enemies on Secret Within may not spawn, thus halting mission progress until the checkpoint is reloaded.
  • Previously released hostages are no longer briefly shown in their cells following a checkpoint reload.
  • Fixed an issue where some players weren’t getting accurate rewards for completing various Future Imperfect Operation missions.
  • Fixed a rare issue that would cause the Point Blank mission to seemingly fail without reason when a player spends too long on the mission.
  • Jarvis and Commander Hill’s dialogue no longer overlap on a player’s first visit to Substation Zero.
  • Resolved an issue on Family Reunion where sometimes, the mission would not progress upon completing the objective of freeing the Inhuman prisoners.
  • Companions no longer walk endlessly into walls in My Life as a Weapon so they must contemplate life in a different way.
  • Players’ shadows no longer appear pixelated in Substation Zero.
  • Players can no longer play as locked heroes prior to unlocking them in the Reassemble Campaign.

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