Marvel’s Avengers Gets New Trailer Showcasing the Moves and Abilities of Winter Soldier

marvel's avengers winter soldier

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Marvel’s Avengers, this time around focusing on the abilities of the newest character being added to the game’s roster—Winter Soldier. Check out the trailer below.

Kicking off with a brief look at Winter Soldier’s origin story, the trailer then goes into detail about his various abilities that let him excel at up-close brawling, while still having some tools to deal with enemies at medium range.

Winter Soldier’s intrinsic ability, Steel-Forged Tenacity, allows the character to have a fair bit of versatility in his moveset. Charged by parrying attacks, Steel-Forged Tenacity gives Winter Soldier a defensive boost that can be customised with various effects.

His intrinsic overcharge, Red Star Rising, deals damage in an area around Winter Soldier. The attack also has a time-based bonus that provides increased armour and melee damage.

Winter Soldier’s regular attacks allow him to deal damage while sprinting, and his aerial combo ends up with a damaging slam on to a group of enemies below. He is also equipped with a support heroic, dubbed Soldier Tech Nonsense, which provides a cloaking field over an area for Winter Soldier and his allies.

His assault heroic allows Winter Soldier to call in an air strike to deal massive damage in an area marked by the character. The ultimate heroic, Protocol Override, deals massive damage in a 40-meter radius, marking enemies hit by the attack for assassination.

Winter Soldier will be coming to Marvel’s Avengers on November 29.

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