Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – In-Game Settings and Accessibility Features Revealed

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has gone gold and is just a few days away from release. After some new gameplay running on Nvidia RTX tech and clarification that the PC version would only require 80 GB of space, Eidos Montreal and Square Enix have outlined the different in-game settings.

Along with the usual invert X/Y Axis and sliders for the same on gamepad, there options to hold or press an input in Guardians Mode or when using Star-Lord’s abilities. For mouse and keyboard users, double pressing the directional keys to dash and mouse sensitivity options are provided. Audio-wise, there’s an option to remove copyrighted music (which is ideal for streamers) and a Loud Volume Slider to avoid audio suddenly peaks at the louder sounds.

There are three main difficulty settings – Easy, Intended and Hard – along with Custom which lets you adjust the amount of time Guardians Mode lasts, the cooldown on each Guardian’s abilities, automatically selecting the correct option in a Huddle and more. Accessibility settings allows for auto locking on to the next target along with adjusting the range for the same, and auto-winning quick time events.

Some of the settings can be viewed below with full settings available here. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is out on October 26th for Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

Overview of In-Game Settings

Controls (Gamepad)

  • Guardians Mode Input Type – Hold/Press
  • Star-Lord’s Abilities Input Type – Hold/Press
  • Vibration – On/Off
  • Invert X/Y Axis (Default + Spaceship) – On/Off
  • Invert Stick (Spaceship) – On/Off
  • X/Y Axis Sensitivity – Sliders

Mouse and Keyboard

  • Key Bindings
  • Double Press Directional Keys to Dash – On/Off
  • Invert Mouse X/Y (Default + Spaceship) – On/Off
  • Mouse X/Y Sensitivity – Slider


  • Volume Adjustments (Master, Sound Effects, Voice, Music) – Sliders
  • Licensed Audio– On/Off. This option removes all copyrighted musical contents and replaces it with alternatives in some instances.
  • Customizable Speaker Configuration – allows players to select the best-suited profile of audio configuration for their needs.
  • Mono Speaker Configuration – allows players to have all audio directed towards a single channel.
  • Loud Volume– Slider. Adjust the highest playback level of the loudest sounds to help minimize sudden peaks in soundscape.
  • EQ Presets – This feature aims to support players that desire to adjust specific frequencies. For example, players that suffer from tinnitus or that are sensitive to specific sounds can lower the presence of these problematic frequencies by selecting a fitting profile.
  • Focus Mix – On/Off. Allows players to experience the game with a stronger emphasis placed on the narrative and gameplay related elements of the soundscape.


  • Subtitles – On/Off
  • Overheard Subtitles – On/Off
  • Closed Captions – On/Off
  • Show Character Name – On/Off
  • Subtitle Size – Very Small to Very Large
  • Letter Spacing – Slider
  • Force Bold Text – On/Off
  • Enable Background – On/Off
  • Invert Background Color – On/Off
  • Background Opacity – Slider

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