Marvel’s Midnight Suns Reveal is Coming “Very Soon” – Rumor

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Among all of the big announcements from PlayStation’s State of Play, there was a pretty big leak for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Journalist Nils Ahrensmeier reported that the RPG would be released on October 6th and even showcased box art for the various editions (though it’s since been pulled by Twitter). Insider Tom Henderson responded to this, noting that retailers “seemingly leaked” some key details for the title.

He then noted that a real is coming “very soon” (emphasis on “very”). Henderson previously reported on a revamped trailer coming in June along with the release date. Since its controversial reveal last year, mostly due to its card-based combat, the game has reportedly undergone an apparently “huge revamp” though the nature of this is still unknown.

A reveal at Summer Game Fest on June 9th seems like a good time, given the exposure and publisher 2K Games partnering with the event. Then again, Firaxis may announce the release date and its various editions early to garner attention, followed by some new gameplay at the event. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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