Marvel’s Midnight Suns – The Hunter’s Ability Branches, Cards, and More Revealed in New Showcase

marvel's midnight suns

Continuing with the Hero Showcase videos for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the newest one focuses on The Hunter. As the player character, they are the most complex hero in the game with three distinct ability branches – Power (mostly damage-dealing), Light (heals, generates Heroism, and buffs) and Darkness (enemy manipulation but with negative side-effects).

There are 30 Hunter cards in total, 10 for each branch along with an associated Legendary ability for each. In the Power branch, there’s Wrath which gives all Hunter cards in your hand “Critical.” It also guarantees that all cards drawn by the Hunter for the next two turns are also Critical. Upgrading makes it free but won’t provide Heroism, while a late-game mod grants a card draw.

Fury applies one Vulnerable and deals lots of damage to an enemy. It also activates the “Final” status, which means the Hunter can’t act afterwards. Upgrading it applies two Marked (which refunds a card play when KO’d) and two Vulnerable while a late game mod also lets it generate Heroism. The Heroic card “Patience,” which deals massive damage, combos with it nicely. It initially costs six Heroism, but this drops by one with each turn that its held. Upgrading it increases damage by 25 percent, and a late game mod adds card draw on KO’s.

In the Light branch, there’s Summon Charlie, which summons the Hunter’s pet for two turns. This also adds two cards, one called Howl that applies Marked to enemies and another for Charlie to bite them. Holy Burst damages enemies and heals allies in range. Upgrade it to increase healing by 50 percent and for a larger area of effect.

Holy Gift ensures the next Hunter card played isn’t discarded, which includes cards with Exhaust. Upgrades include the next hero card played not being discarded, which can work with any hero and provides for some deadly combos.

In the Dark branch is Mindbender, which causes an enemy to attack their nearest ally. Upgrades make them attack twice. Then there’s Mindbreaker which applies Berserk and makes an enemy attack nearby units at their next action. Of course, there’s a lot more to cover, from passives and tactical suits to collars which provide meters akin to Captain Marvel. Perhaps we’ll learn more in the coming months.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is out later this fiscal year for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC. The PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One versions will arrive afterwards.

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