Mass Effect 4 Might Not be Abandoning the Andromeda Story, Project Director Hints

The next Mass Effect might serve as a bridge between the series’ two main arcs.

Mass Effect 4

We’ve known for a while now that the next Mass Effect is in early development, but recently at The Game Awards, BioWare decided to formally confirm that with a teaser trailer. That trailer has gotten a lot of attention over the last couple of days, owing to just how many potential plotpoints it hints at for the sequel. Recently, project director on the game, Michael Gamble, took to Twitter to fire off another such hint.

The beginning of the trailer shows a shot with two different galaxies in view, which has led some people to wonder whether the Milky Way galaxy (the setting for the original trilogy) and the Andromeda galaxy (the setting for Mass Effect: Andromeda) might both factor into the next game’s story somehow. Gamble suggests that that might be the case, stating on Twitter that the shot with both galaxies was put into the trailer intentionally. He added in a subsequent tweet that BioWare decided to show both “for a reason.”

Mass Effect: Andromeda sets up a lot of really interesting things, but the future of that arc has been in question for a while now. It looked unlikely for a while that we’d get a direct sequel to that game, and with the next Mass Effect going back to a post-Mass Effect 3 Milky Way galaxy, those doubts were only compounded. It should be interesting to see how the sequel will bridge both arcs though.

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