Mass Effect Legendary Edition Patch Features Fixes, Rebalances

mass effect legendary edition box image

Mass Effect Legendary Edition got a new patch today that brings a number of bug fixes, balance tweaks, and general improvements. General fixes include fixing errors that resulted in achievements and trophies not popping when they should, turning the lights on in some of the pre-rendered cutscenes (apparently, some of the lights were not on), making spoken English dialogue separate from English subtitles, improving PC performance for various hardware configurations, and several other “calibrations.”

The fixes become a little more complicated when you go on a game by game basis. Mass Effect has seen improved eye animations for some male characters, fixed a bug that prevented characters from reaching the max level, and squashed another one that prevented some people from buying tier VII Spectre gear.

Over in Mass Effect 2, Illium’s fog got toned down a bit and a character who unintentionally had red eyes in the Overlord DLC has had their eyes fixed. Mass Effect 3 had the fewest fixes, though a bug that prevented certain characters from properly appearing during the Citadel DLC has been fixed. This is by no means an exhaustive list. You can read the full patch notes here.

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