Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Video Highlights Improvements Over Original Trilogy

The 11 minute video also compares the graphical performance between the games.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

With a little over a month to go before Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’s release, IGN has a new preview up showcasing the improvements and differences from the original trilogy. Mass Effect 1 is perhaps the most interesting to observe – in terms of weapons, there are no restrictions and players can use whatever they’d like. Weapons will still use heat cooldown instead of thermal clips though.

The graphical improvements are similarly impressive with AI upscaling having been used for the textures and the Female Shepard model (based on Mass Effect 3) looking good. Massive improvements to the lighting and environmental detail can also be seen. One interesting change is the camera placement, which is now closer to characters as they venture down hallways and elevators.

It’s worth watching the entire video to see the improvements made to Mass Effect 2 and 3 as well, though their graphical updates are not quite as significant as Mass Effect 1. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is out on May 14th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC with support for Xbox Series X and PS5.

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