Mass Effect – The Best Moments In The Original Trilogy

It’s been almost 13 years since Mass Effect 3 was released. There have been no true follow-ups (we don’t talk about Andromeda, not that it counts anyway), until BioWare revealed at The Game Awards 2020 that it was working on the next chapter. Before that, however, we’ll have a chance to revisit the original trilogy with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition releasing in May. It brings together the original trilogy, complete with almost all of the DLC, in 4K and with big visual enhancements.

In anticipation of the same, let’s take a look at some of the best moments from the series. Major spoilers abound so beware.

Sovereign Speaks – Mass Effect

[embedded content]

Throughout Mass Effect, Saren is the main driving villain, utilizing a Reaper ship to further his agenda. It’s only when Shepard arrives on Virmire and interfaces with said ship that the truth is revealed. Sovereign speaks, proclaiming that before the Reapers, you are “nothing” and that they are “the end of everything.” Unknown to us at the time, this first encounter and the news of the Reapers returning would herald events to come.

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