Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster is Called “Legendary Edition” – Rumour

And it supposedly won’t be coming to the Switch, contrary to recent leaks.

mass effect 3

Given how many leaks and rumours about it we’ve had over the past few weeks and month, it seems like a given that the Mass Effect trilogy’s remastered collection will be announced and released soon. The person who’s been responsible for several of those leaks is GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, and he recently gave out some more info on the remaster.

Speaking recently during the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, Grubb mentioned that the remastered trilogy is going to release with the name “Legendary Edition”. Additionally, in a separate GamesBeat Decides podcast, Grubb added that he will have more information to share regarding the release next week.

He also claimed that contrary to what some recent retailer listings have suggested, it won’t be releasing on the Nintendo Switch. “Not yet, anyhow,” he added (via VGC). When Grubb broke the story about a Mass Effect trilogy remaster earlier this year, he had stated something similar, claiming that it would not be releasing for the Switch “at first”.

Less than a month ago, Grubb stated that EA were planning on announcing the remastered collection in early October before releasing it later in the month, though also added that their plans could be delayed due to the pandemic. Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you updated as more news comes our way.

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