Mass Effect Trilogy’s Cast is Reuniting Later This Week for A “Special” Livestream Event

Could the long-rumoured trilogy remaster finally be announced soon?

mass effect 3

We’ve been hearing about a rumoured remastered collection of the original Mass Effect trilogy for a number of months running now, but EA have not yet officially announced the same. Originally due out in October as per leaks, the remastered trilogy was supposedly pushed back to 2021. That said, it’s possible that EA might be preparing to finally make the announcement.

BioWare celebrates N7 Day, a day they dedicate to the Mass Effect series, every year on November 7, and they will be doing that once more this year. However, as per voice actor Mark Meer, who voiced the male Commander Shepard in the trilogy, the livestream that’s going to be held for 2020’s N7 Day is going to be a “special event”. Meer will be joined by various voice actors from the Mass Effect trilogy, as well as some developers from BioWare. The event will take place this Saturday at 11 AM Pacific Time.

Of course, there’s no guarantees that this means what we think it means, but given all the rumours and leaks that have been going around recently, we can’t help but connect the dots.

Recently, the remastered trilogy, supposedly called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, was rated in Korea.

We’ll know soon enough whether that long-awaited announcement is finally coming, so stay tuned for more updates.

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