Media Molecule Co-founder Alex Evans is Leaving the Industry

The industry vet departs after nearly 15 years at the studio.


Alex Evans, co-founder and technical director of Media Molecule, has announced that he will be leaving the studio, and the industry as a whole. Taking recently to Twitter, the developer confirmed that thanks to “a bit of lockdown-insired soul searching”, he will be taking a break from games development.

What’s next for him? Evans isn’t quite sure. In his thread of tweets, he said that he hasn’t yet decided on what he’ll be doing next as he steps away from a career he’s had for thirteen years. “I’ve been in the gamedev bubble so long I’m not yet sure what’s next, or even out there, for someone like me,” he wrote. Evans did provide assurances, however, that Dreams is going to continue as always, adding that what Media Molecule are working on it for the game right now will “blow your minds.”

Meanwhile, Media Molecule responded to Evans’ tweets as well, thanking him for his leadership and all he’s done for the studio, while also promising that they will “continue to be as weird and wonderful as you’ve always wanted.”

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