Metro Exodus Developer 4A Games’ New IP Will be an FPS, Job Ad Suggests

4a games logo

It was confirmed over two years ago that a new AAA IP was in the works at 4A Games, the developers of the excellent Metro games, and now some new job listings published by the developer on its website have revealed some interesting new tidbits about what to expect from the game.

Positions for Senior Game Designer, Lead Game Systems Designer, Senior Technical Artist, Environment Concept Artist, and Creatures Concept Artist all specifically mention that they’re for a new IP in their job titles themselves. Interestingly enough, in the latter two positions, a “passion for FPS games” is listed under the preferences, while the ad for Lead Game Systems Designer also lists experience with first person or third person action games.

Meanwhile, the job listing for Senior Game Designer mentions that the game is going to be built on 4A Games’ own proprietary internal engine, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise, while the Senior Technical Artist ad mentions that with this new IP, the developer is looking to create “the most lively video game environments ever seen.” Of course, the fact that they have a position specifically for creating concept art for creatures also says something about the game.

As for Metro and its future, Exodus was definitely not the last game in the series. A sequel is in the works for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, and yes, Metro author Dimitry Glukhovsky is penning the game’s story.

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