Metro: Last Light Redux, For the King Free on Epic Games Store

Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition is next week’s free game.

Metro Last Light

This week’s free titles on the Epic Games Store are now available, and include some familiar names. IronOak Games’ rogue-like RPG For the King and 4A Games’ Metro: Last Light Redux can be claimed for free until February 11th. All you need is an Epic Games account and the Epic Games Launcher to play them.

For the King essentially takes place in a procedurally generated world with different quests and events to complete. Combat is turn-based and there’s even co-op for up to three other players. With several free DLC packs and an intriguing aesthetic, it’s definitely worth checking out. As for Metro: Last Light Redux, it’s the second title in the FPS franchise and features revamped visuals and quality of life improvements.

After completing it, those keen on continuing the story can check out Metro Exodus, also available on the Epic Games Store. Next week’s free game will be Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition, a strategy RPG focused on crew management, random events and much more. It’s from the team behind the recent Star Renegades and may be worth looking into for some FTL: Faster Than Light-style gameplay.

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