Metroid Dread is the Most Pre-ordered Switch Game Over the Last Couple of Months, According to GameStop

metroid dread

Metroid Dread has been a long time coming, and as the first new 2D Metroid game in nearly two decades and the first new Metroid title since 2010, it goes without saying that series fans are quite excited for the game. And for once in the series’ history, it seems like that’s going to be reflected in solid sales as well- at least if pre-orders are anything to go by. 

GameStop recently sent out emails to its customers (via Nintendo Everything), in which the retail chain revealed the top 10 most pre-ordered upcoming Switch games over the last couple of months. Metroid Dread topped the list, beating out major upcoming games such as Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Shin Megami Tensei 5, Mario Party Superstars, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and many more. 

Metroid has historically not been a very high-selling series, which is probably why Nintendo hasn’t focused on it as much as fans would have liked, so it’s great to see that, according to early indications, Metroid Dread might turn out to be a much more commercially successful game. Here’s hoping, for the series’ sake, that this continues.

The full top 10 for the most pre-ordered Switch games (starting June 8) can be found below.

Metroid Dread launches for the Nintendo Switch on October 8.

No. Game
1. Metroid Dread
2. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl Double Pack
3. Mario Party Superstars
4. Pokemon Legends: Arceus
5. Shin Megami Tensei 5
6. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond
7. WarioWare: Get it Together!
8. Doki Doki Literature Club Plus
9. Sonic Colors: Ultimate
10. Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp

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