Metroid Dread Overview Trailer Highlights Exploration, Combat and Mysteries

Metroid Dread_02

Mercury Steam’s Metroid Dread has received a new trailer providing an overview for what can be expected. It starts with bounty hunter Samus Aran traveling to Planet ZDR to investigate a strange transmission. However, it quickly becomes clear that things aren’t what they seem on the planet and various mysteries lay beneath the surface.

Along with battling different E.M.M.I. robots, each indestructible and having their own unique properties, Samus will contend with various horrors (including series favorite boss Kraid). The mysterious Chozo also have a role to play and players must battle different mechanical warriors bearing their appearance. Fortunately, along with her usual arsenal, Samus can rely on new tools like Flash Shift for quickly dashing, Shinespark for flying in a given direction and the Storm Missile for locking on to targets with Free Aim.

Metroid Dread releases on October 8th for Nintendo Switch. For more details on E.M.M.I., head here while the various improvements to the UI and map system can be viewed here.

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