Microsoft Flight Simulator Rated for Xbox One by PEGI

Could the widely acclaimed game be launching for Microsoft’s last-gen console as well?

microsoft flight simulator

Given how technically impressive and gorgeous Microsoft Flight Simulator is, it’s no surprise that it can be taxing even for some of the more high-end PCs out there. The game’s due out on Xbox Series X/S later this year, and while Microsoft’s new consoles certainly have the hardware to run the game (or at least a version of the game), many have given up hope of that ever happening on the significantly weaker Xbox One.

It’s possible, however, that it does end up happening. PEGI, the European ratings board, has handed a rating for Microsoft Flight Simulator on the Xbox One. The release date mentioned in the rating is obviously a placeholder, but with no Xbox One version of the game announced, this rating does came as a surprise. The question, of course, is if this is a mistake on PEGI’s part (and it wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened of late), or if it’s spilling the beans on an upcoming announcement.

For what it’s worth, Microsoft has previously said that an Xbox One version of Flight Simulator hasn’t been completely ruled out, and might be something they look into once the game is out on Xbox Series X/S.

Meanwhile, the game launches for Xbox Series X/S this Summer, but doesn’t yet have a more concrete release date.

microsoft flight simulator xbox one pegi rating

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