Microsoft Will Allegedly Make “Big Announcements” Across April, May, and June

An event might also be planned for late March, according to insiders.

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With all of Bethesda now officially part of Xbox Game Studios, Microsoft’s increasingly impressive first party portfolio is looking better than ever- all of which is to say that fans are anticipating some big announcements from the platform holder in the coming months and years. Microsoft recently confirmed that it’s planning an event in the Summer where more Bethesda-related news will be shared, but reports from insiders are suggesting that they might have much more up their sleeves for the coming months.

For starters, as per a report published by Windows Central’s Jez Corden, Microsoft could be planning an event for late March – March 26, to be precise – that “may be a tech and platform-oriented event with some smaller game announcements.”

However, it seems as if the coming few months are going to be dotted with numerous announcements big and small- the latter more than the former, it seems. Windows Central executive editor Daniel Rubino recently also took to Twitter to claim that across all of April, May, and June, Microsoft will be making several “big announcements”. Rather than having it all focused in one big central event, it seems Microsoft will instead go with several smaller events in order to build momentum over a sustained period of time.

Some recent reports have also claimed that Microsoft and Bethesda will both be present at E3, and in spite of the recent acquisition, both will still have separate E3 conferences. With Xbox seemingly getting more games in 2021 that are yet to be announced, it wouldn’t be surprising to see announcements spread out across the coming months.

That said, as is always the case with leaks, it’s best to take this with a grain of salt for now. Especially seeing as we’re still in the midst of a pandemic where plans always seem to be shifting, it’s hard to be too sure about anything that could happen in the coming months. Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you updated.

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