Minecraft Dungeons Cross-Play Coming in November, Howling Peaks DLC in December

Even more content, like volcanic and underwater areas, has been teased for 2021.

minecraft dungeons

After launching in May, Mojang’s Minecraft Dungeons has seen two paid DLC packs release thus far, namely Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter. However, even more content and features are underway. The developer confirmed that cross-play between Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC players would launch in November.

In December, another DLC pack is coming with Howling Peaks. Along with new mountainous environments, players can expect new enemies, new gear, “the power of the wind itself” and more. If it follows the pattern of previous DLC, then expect a free update of sorts as well (though whether a new Hero Pass will be announced at some point remains to be seen).

And in case that’s enough, there was a tease of new content coming in 2021. Said content includes regions apparently set in volcanoes and underwater along with other intriguing locations. Mojang noted that there was still “work to do” on this so expect more polish closer to launch. For more details on Minecraft Dungeons, check out our review here.

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