MLB The Show 21 Will Launch for Xbox Game Pass on Day 1

Both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S versions will be available via Game Pass at launch.

mlb the show 21

The very fact that MLB The Show 21 – a Sony first party developed series that has always been exclusive to PlayStation – was momentous enough in and of itself, but it seems the release is going to be even more reasons than expected.

Microsoft have announced that MLB The Show 21 will be available via Xbox Game Pass right at launch, on day 1. Both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S versions will be available for Game Pass members (several enhancements and features, such as the Stadium Creator, are going to be exclusively available in the game’s next-gen versions). Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will also be able to play the game on Android devices via xCloud.

MLB The Show 21 is not the first major third party release on Xbox two be joining the Game Pass on day 1, with the recently released Outriders also having joined the service right at launch. Unlike Outriders, however, MLB The Show 21 is a Sony-published and Sony-developed game, which makes this a much more surprising turn of events.

MLB The Show 21 is launching for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and Xbox One on April 20.

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