Monster Hunter Rise G Rank Expansion to Include up to 30 New Monsters, 5 New Areas, and More – Rumour

Western Yokai monster motifs, new Silkbind and Switch Skill attacks, and more might also be included.

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter as a series has been following a pattern of releases for a long time now, where each new entry is followed up the launch of a major new “G Rank” (or “Master Rank”, as it was called in Iceborne) expansion some time later. With Monster Hunter Rise having launched just recently, it remains to be seen when (or if) Capcom will announce a similar expansion for it, but details on that might already be readily available.

Capcom suffered a pretty devastating ransomware attack last year, and among the plethora of details that were leaked for various upcoming games, new details on Monster Hunter Rise’s G Rank expansion were also included. As spotted by @AsteriskAmpers1 on Twitter, the G Rank expansion for Rise could include between 20 to 30 new monster (which will be based on Western Yokai motifs), five near locations, expansions upon Silkbind attacks and Switch Skills, as well as an option for players to skip the base game of Rise and jump straight to G Rank. Apparently, this will be sold as a full-priced expansion, similar to Iceborne. 

Of course, it’s worth noting that these were Capcom’s plans as of 2019, and there’s every chance that things may have changed since then, so don’t take this as concrete information just yet.

Meanwhile, back in the ranswomware leaks, the next mainline Monster Hunter game after Rise was also mentioned, and supposedly scheduled for a 2023 launch.

Monster Hunter Rise is out now for Nintendo Switch, and is coming to PC in early 2022. The game has already shipped 5 million units, and will be receiving a significant new update soon.

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